The pioneer in instrument ergonomics

Ergonomics has been the guiding light of our product development since the establishment of our company.

LM-Dental™ in a nutshell

Founded in 1973, southwest coast of Finland 

All manufacturing at the facility, in Finland

A part of Planmeca Group for 20 years

The market-leader hand instrument manufacturer in Europe

Why LM-Dental?

In the forefront of innovation

Our radical product theses of the 1980s – a thicker handle, optimized shape, elastic surface, lightness and color coding – have become industry wide standards in the 21st century. We now know more than ever about ergonomic instrumentation.

With contemporary coating technology we are able add on additional features, that offer unique benefits for you and your patient.

The right instruments to fit your skills

Whether it comes to the design or the production of the LM-Dental™ instruments, we focus on the specific needs of the dental experts. We are in a constant communication with the end users of our products to keep our product development on the cutting edge.

A great example of collaboration with end-users is the LM-Arte™ instrument series that has been developed in collaboration with Style Italiano, a group of skilled dentists that share our passion for improving dentistry.

High-tech production technology

Like every true professional we also aim for the ultimate perfection in our work. LM-Dental™ devotes its entire product development and production process to achieve the best possible quality in all our products for you to have the very best tools to work with. We deliver the highest of quality to guarantee your success in the treatment results. LM-Dental™ products are produced combining high-tech production technology with handmade craftsmanship to gain a top-quality end result and highest functionality.

Precision and durability

LM Sharp Diamond™ sharpen free periodontal instruments provide unique benefits in procedure efficiency and cost savings.

Non-stick LM Dark Diamond™ coated restoration instruments simplify the restoration process with surfaces that release and glide over resins. Black working surfaces make instruments contrast with teeth and resins to allow more efficient work.

With RFID Technology, Smart Instruments Get Even Smarter

By integrating an advanced RFID chip into LM-ErgoSense™ instruments, we spread the efficiency of LM-Dental™ tools throughout the dental practice. When used with the LM Dental Tracking System™, traceable RFID instruments become part of a tightly controlled information system. Precise tracking improves patient safety and material handling and increases cost efficiency. 

High quality and manufacturing standards guarantee safety for you and your patients

Dedication to manufacturing excellence makes LM™ instruments precise, durable and reliable. Our research continues from design through manufacturing, allowing us to produce instruments that meet exacting standards and perform excellently by providing extended, reliable service.

All LM-Dental™ products are produced in Finland. We combine advanced production technology with fine hand craftsmanship to deliver instruments unmatched in function and reliability. We are the fastest-growing European manufacturer of dental hand instruments and the market leader in all Nordic countries. Over 80 percent of our products are exported globally.

Highly experienced and skilled personnel

We make the difference. Together.

The highly experienced personnel of LM-Dental possess several years of experience in various fields of dentistry.

Wide network of partners worldwide

Our products are sold worldwide through our distributor partners.