Less administrative chores.
More time for patient care.

By implementing the LM Dental Tracking System™, which automates traceability, logistics, and infection control documentation, our aim is to assist dental professionals in eliminating the need for laborious manual processes. This empowers them to dedicate their time and efforts more effectively to patient care. Regardless of whether you’re a clinician, clinic/operation manager, purchaser, or student, the valuable data gathered and analyzed by LM DTS is certain to bring you advantages

Enhanced Efficiency and Time Savings

Automating instrument and material tracking, including documentation, significantly saves staff time previously spent on manual checks.

  • Paperless clinic
  • Allocate additional time to patient care by minimizing administrative duties
  • Assurance of instrument and material availability

Informed Decision-Making

Consistently improve practices by continually analyzing performance and monitoring real-time status.

  • Ongoing performance improvement
  • Instant dental inventory access
  • Accessing cloud-based server from anywhere

Assured Safety Confidence

Enhances knowledge that the essential reprocessing of materials and instruments has been done correctly, contributing to the safety of both clinicians and patients.

  • Automated checks and alerts
  • Material traceability
  • Maintenance and sterilization records
  • Reprocessing procedure documentation

A solution to meet any challenge.

Challenge: Are you doing fact-based decisions on budgeting and purchasing?

Solution: A new world of dental efficiency

Having the right instruments and materials in the right place at the right time is crucial at large hospitals, as well as small clinics. LM Dental Tracking System™ locates misplaced instruments and helps to balance uneven inventory levels between rooms or departments.

Challenge: Are your processes and material flows optimized?

Solution: A new world of dental intelligence

The solution offers data which makes it possible to allocate costs based on use, benchmark best practices, analyze and optimize process workflows and systematically strive for continuous improvement.

Challenge: Are you able to improve patient safety?

Solution: A new world of dental innovation

LM Dental Tracking System™ allows the clinician to automatically check that expiry dates have not lapsed and that instruments have passed the proper reprocessing steps, inspections and validations.

Challenge: Are you able to document the use of the instruments of your students and validate the competences?

Solution: A new world of dental safety

Technology offers new possibilities to support learning and to validate competencies in dental education. With the tracking system, you can, for example, be set up to document the instruments and materials used in preclinical exercises for each student.

Digital dentistry trends

LM DTS™ helps reduce contamination risks and improves patient safety through automated checks and alerts. The LM Dental Tracking System™ can ensure that clinics always have full control over the hygiene status of their instruments.

Dr. Rui Falacho

Article with Bo Danielsen

All of our instruments have been tagged, which means we can keep track of them at all times – from their dispensation to utilization, processing, sterilization, and return to storage.

We can also precisely document which of them have been used and on which patients, as well as when they have been sterilized.

Through analyzing statistics on their flow, we can implement a standard procedure for periodic control of instruments, e.g. sharpening of scalers.”

Bo Danielsen,
Head of the School of Oral Health Care, University of Copenhagen

Tracking instruments

Overall, tracking instruments serves many purposes and can contribute to better and cheaper operations at a dental office – expecially in larger settings.”

Steven Connor, Columbia University

LM Dental Tracking System™ use cases

Efficient implant management at Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Dentistry encountered significant challenges in implant management due to the absence of a dedicated tracking system. Consequently, manual management processes resulted in various issues, including financial losses from the ineffective use of expired implants. Discover how successful implementation of an implant management system led to remarkable improvements.

Lending process management at Dental Universities

Managing borrowed instruments and assets in universities poses challenges. Manual methods lead to laborious work, missing items, and human errors. The solution? LM DTS, a simple system for efficient lending and better accountability.

Centralized reprocessing solution for a wellbeing service county

A wellbeing services county including 20 separate clinic agreed to combine their reprocessing services into three centralized reprocessing service providers with the aim to make the process more efficient and cost effective and to crate a standardized reprocessing process for all the clinics in the county. Discover how implementation of LM DTS provided the clinics with a simple yet comprehensive solution for efficient maintenance operation management and monitoring of instruments.

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