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Managing the borrowing of instruments and assets in universities can be a significant challenge. Keeping track of all student borrowed items, their usage, maintenance, and expiration dates requires meticulous record-keeping and monitoring by university staff. Currently, many universities rely on manual methods such as Excel files or even paper records, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Managing the lending process often presents the following challenges:

  • Laborious manual work for staff
  • Difficulty in keeping record of stock and inventory levels. Lack of holistic view for staff to plan and manage borrowed items
  • Incidents of missing items and difficult to track who to hold accountable.
  • Large risk for human error
  • Students unable to check what they have borrowed and when items should be brought back

Previously we had three full time staff members to hand in and hand out instruments and materials for students each morning.
– Inventory Maintenance personell


The University was equipped with a simple setup to track lending of instruments and assets

1. LM DTS™ Table Reader

Four LM DTS™ tray readers were placed in the depository management area. Separate readers were used for checking out and checking in materials.

2. LM DTS™ tagging solutions

LM DTS™ tagging solutions were utilized for tagging instruments and assets. LM instruments, which come with built-in tags, will replace old instruments as they are being replaced.

3. LM RFID ™ Stickers

Materials were tagged using LM DTS™ RFID stickers. Students use RFID tags on their student cards for identification.

4. LM DTS™ Software Server

LM DTS™ Software Server was installed. Admin users have full real-time visibility of all instruments and materials as well as their status. Students can check on the readers what they have borrowed and when items need to be returned.


The system offers universities a straightforward yet comprehensive solution for the efficient management of material and instrument borrowing. Universities can derive various benefits from the system. For instance:

  • Efficient lending of instruments and materials, eliminating long queues outside the depository
  • Paperless clinic, minimizing manual paperwork
  • Real-time tracking of assets and inventory
  • Precise identification of borrowers leading to prevention of losses, enhanced security, and better accountability
  • Reader notifications for missing instruments or assets, poorly executed processes, and prompts for maintenance
  • Reduced staffing requirements

Explore reporting possibilities

Material stock on hand

Inventory stock

Optimize your stock keeping by available usable items and different location needsrocessing validations

Unused materials

Make your usage more effective by finding what is not being used

Borrowed materials

Students can check from the readers what they have borrowed out


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