LM DTS™ cabinet with inbuilt intelligence

LM DTS™ RFID scanning cabinet, a reliable scanner and storage for all dental materials

Newest innovation, LM DTS™ cabinet can be used for storing and scanning dental materials. LM DTS™ Cabinet uses UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID technology to efficiently track, monitor and control dental materials. The RFID tag can be attached to any material from different manufacturers enabling complete traceability of the materials by scanning them with the LM DTS™ readers. Assets are wirelessly read in just a few seconds.

By placing RFID stickers on implant, filling material or other packages enables LM DTS™ to keep track of the inventory levels inside the cabinet, document usage by department or staff member, and store serial or LOT numbers for reliable traceability.

Material packages are read and monitored when placed or withdrawn from the cabinet

Cabinets have integrated RFID readers and antennas and electric locks which all are controlled in the control unit above the fixed module. 10” touch screen user interface is located on the front side of the control unit. All cabinets are controlled similarly and the software is the same in all models. Integration to LM DTS™ cloud server is made via Ethernet cable or WLAN connection. The cloud server knows exactly what is taken from the cabinet, what the inventory levels are and who took what from the cabinet.

Safe and smart storage of materials

An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system consists of three components: a scanning antenna and transceiver (often combined into one reader, also known as an interrogator) and a transponder, the RFID tag. The RFID tag consists of a microchip and antenna. The tag contains electronically-stored information which is read with a reader.

The cabinet lets us know when the expire date of a material is coming to an end enabling us to take them into use avoiding that any expensive materials go to waste

Any materials at a dental clinic can be connected to LM Dental Tracking System™ for tracking and monitoring by attaching stickers with built-in RFID tags to packages.

LM DTS™ Cabinet is available in different sizes – growing with your need for storage

The different sizes available are:

LM DTS™ Cabinet 1, LM DTS™ Cabinet 2, LM DTS™ Cabinet 3, LM DTS™ Cabinet 4

LM DTS Cabinet Tech Sheet