A new world of dental efficiency – Manage your clinic processes with smart data

LM DTS™ Server software

The LM DTS™ server is used to record, track and verify the cycles of activities done to tagged materials.

Analysis: The software provides easy analytical reports about the items and activity cycles registered in the system.

Action: The information in the reports can improve and ease asset management and documentation, and most importantly increase cost efficiency and patient safety.

Know the exact location and status of all your assets. Automating traceability, logistics and infection control documentation allows staff to avoid time consuming manual controls and work more efficiently and focus on the patient

Being unaware of were the bottlenecks lie in your organization can be detrimental. Using data you are able to see where the short comings are in your organization and take corrective steps to improve the efficiency

Budgeting and forecasting material purchases can be time consuming and inaccurate. Being able to see all the materials that are expiring over the next 12 months allows you not only to forecast correctly but also gives you the visibility to reallocate materials based on need and consumption

Define you clinic workflow with the easy-to-use and visual workflow design editor. Set up a customized workflow that fulfills your needs

The LM Dental Tracking System™ cloud server is a comprehensive database for managing the:

  • Logistics process of all items (instruments, consumables, lab cases etc) within dental clinics, CSSDs and laboratories etc
  • infection control documentation for each instrument
  • simulated (phantom) and clinical education
  • asset management
  • process optimization

By logging in to the system, you can easily browse reports and view statistics to e.g.:

  • Check the location and status of every instrument including its infection control history
  • See the stock levels at different departments, dispensaries and rooms for anything from handpieces to gloves
  • Check for expiring materials
  • Benchmark the consumption of materials and logistic rotation of instruments
  • Analyze processes and optimize for efficiency
  • Locate missing items and control loss of assets
  • Allocate cost by patient, clinician, room or department for accurate accounting and budgeting
  • Review student work, verify competence and to provide timely guidance and feedback

LM DTS Server Tech Sheet