LM Dental Tracking System™ success stories

Welcome to our use cases section. Here, you’ll find real-world examples of how the LM Dental Tracking System™ (LM DTS™) is making a difference. These stories showcase innovative applications and successful LM DTS implementations.

Explore how LM DTS™ can enhance efficiency, safety, and cost savings

LM Dental Tracking System™ customer cases

Efficient implant management at Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Dentistry encountered significant challenges in implant management due to the absence of a dedicated tracking system. Consequently, manual management processes resulted in various issues, including financial losses from the ineffective use of expired implants. Discover how successful implementation of an implant management system led to remarkable improvements.

Lending process management at Dental Universities

Managing borrowed instruments and assets in universities poses challenges. Manual methods lead to laborious work, missing items, and human errors. The solution? LM DTS, a simple system for efficient lending and better accountability.

Centralized reprocessing solution for a wellbeing service county

A wellbeing services county including 20 separate clinic agreed to combine their reprocessing services into three centralized reprocessing service providers with the aim to make the process more efficient and cost effective and to crate a standardized reprocessing process for all the clinics in the county. Discover how implementation of LM DTS provided the clinics with a simple yet comprehensive solution for efficient maintenance operation management and monitoring of instruments.