Bringing Value to Digital Dentistry with Data

This presentation was held at the European academy of digital dentistry (EADD) summit in July 2020


As Dentistry is moving more and more digital, Dental Tracking System takes digital dentistry to the next level by allowing us insights into our data in the digital dentistry workflow. With so much emphasis always been placed on the treatment when we talk about digital dentistry we will take a different approach and look at the value the data is bringing us in digital dentistry and how this value helps us make decisions for our practice.

Speaker bio Stephen Van Heerden

Stephen van Heerden is System Sales Manager at LM-Dental, focusing on the implementation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) within the dental industry worldwide.

Stephen has been in the IT/Consulting industry for more than 15 years bringing that knowledge and know how into the dental industry. LM-Dental is working with leading universities globally in developing a state of the art RFID offering for dentistry.

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