LM Dental Tracking System™

Tagging solutions for all dental instruments and materials

Anything at a dental clinic can be connected to LM Dental Tracking System™. The LM DTS™ offers compatibility with instruments, hand pieces and materials from different manufacturers.

Complete RFID tagging solutions are available for integrating all dental materials into LM Dental Tracking System™. An advanced RFID chip can be integrated into any material from different manufacturers – enabling complete and reliable traceability of instruments, hand pieces or materials by scanning them with the DTS™ reader. This enables the tracking and monitoring all materials in the dental clinic. Automating traceability, logistics and infection control documentation allows staff to work more efficiently and focus on the patient.

RFID tagging principles

All the instruments in general are preferably RFID tagged using LM DTS™ RFID Flat or Round Surface Tags. If that is not possible, there’s also other options available. Please see the table below for general tagging solutions and principles.

LM DTS™ RFID Flat and Round Surface Tags

There are two different covers available for tagging different kind of instruments:
A) For flat (min. 15 mm (0.6”) diameter) surfaces larger than 6 x 12 mm (0.3” x 0.5”), use LM DTS™ RFID Flat Surface Tag
B) For round surfaces (max. 15 mm (0.6”) diameter), use LM DTS™ RFID Round Surface Tag

LM DTS™ RFID Heat Shrink Tags

If for some reason it’s impossible to do the tagging using LM DTS™ RFID Flat and/or Round Surface Tags, heat shrink tubes can be used. There are four different sizes of LM DTS™ RFID Heat Shrink Tags. The heat shrink tubing’s diameter needs to be chosen according to the size of the instrument.

LM DTS™ RFID Sleeve Tag

Using of LM DTS™ RFID Flat or Round Surface Tags (or LM DTS™ RFID Heat Shrink Tag) is recommended but in some cases LM DTS™ RFID Sleeve Tags can be suitable for tagging cylindrical instruments.

LM DTS™ RFID Autoclavable Sticker Tag

There are two different LM DTS™ RFID Autoclavable Sticker Tags available for LM-Servo cassettes (LM 6650, LM 6680) and LM-ServoMax tray (LM 6410).

More specific tagging instructions can be found on LM Dental Tracking System™ RFID tagging guide. For more detailed information please contact us:

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