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LM Dental Tracking System Reader Fact Sheet

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Bringing Value to Digital Dentistry with Data, presentation by Stephen Van Heerden

As Dentistry is moving more and more digital, Dental Tracking System takes digital dentistry to the next level by allowing us insights into our data in the digital dentistry workflow. With so much emphasis always been placed on the treatment when we talk about digital dentistry we will take a different approach and look at the value the data is bringing us in digital dentistry and how this value helps us make decisions for our practice.


Quick overview of LM Dental Tracking System™

The LM-Dental Tracking System™ (DTS) allows you to track and monitor instruments and materials using RFID technology. Instruments, handpieces, filling materials, implants etc from different manufacturers are wirelessly read in a few seconds. Automating traceability, logistics and infection

LM DTS™ RFID scanning cabinet 

The LM DTS cabinet can be used for storing and scanning dental materials. Material packages are read and monitored when placing or withdrawings using UHF RFID technology like the other LM DTS™ scanning readers. By placing RFID stickers on implant, filling material or other packages enables LM DTS™ to keep track of the inventory levels inside the cabinet, document usage by department or staff member, and store serial or LOT numbers for reliable traceability.

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