LM Dental Tracking System™

LM Dental Tracking System™ cloud server

The LM Dental Tracking System™ cloud server is a comprehensive database for managing the:

  • logistics process of all items (instruments, consumables, lab cases etc) within dental clinics, CSSDs and laboratories etc
  • infection control documentation for each instrument
  • simulated (phantom) and clinical education
  • asset management
  • process optimization

By logging in to the system, you can easily browse reports and view statistics to e.g.:

  • check the location and status of every instrument including its infection control history
  • see the stock levels at different departments, dispensaries and rooms for anything from handpieces to gloves
  • check for expiring materials
  • benchmark the consumption of materials and logistic rotation of instruments
  • analyze processes and optimize for efficiency
  • locate missing items and control loss of assets
  • allocate cost by patient, clinician, room or department for accurate accounting and budgeting
  • review student work, verify competence and to provide timely guidance and feedback

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