LM Dental Tracking System™

LM Dental Tracking System™ benefits

Patient safety & infection control documentation

The server knows the status of each article and allows the clinician to automatically double check that expiry dates have not lapsed and that instruments have passed the proper reprocessing steps, inspections and validations. The database includes the records for the specified disinfection, maintenance and sterilization procedures and includes the detailed history of every instrument and material. Reducing risks through automatic checks and alerts adds an additional layer of safety without cumbersome manual work.

Process optimization & cost reduction

Costs related to logistics and material handling account for approx. 30% of the total operating expenses of health care providers.[Nachtmann] LM Dental Tracking System™ provides the possibility to track the flows of both single use materials and instrumentation throughout the clinic as well as the decontamination and sterilization room or CSSD. Key performance indicators are defined e.g. based on the existing quality system or standard operating procedures. The big amount of data, that is made available by LM Dental Tracking System™, makes it possible to benchmark best practices, analyze and optimize process workflows and systematically strive for continuous improvement.

[Nachtmann] Nachtmann, H., & Pohl, E. A. (2009). The state of healthcare logistics: cost and quality improvement opportunities. Center for Innovation in Healthcare Logistics, University of Arkansas

Cost reduction

  • Avoid time consuming manual controls
  • Optimise stock
  • Improve material flow
  • Reduce number of lost items

Process optimization

  • Ease consumption recording
  • Find out indications of demand
  • Improve time management
  • Enhance patient session planning
  • Decrease losses

Education support

Technology offers new possibilities to support learning and to validate competences. LM Dental Tracking System™ can for example be setup to document the instruments and materials used in preclinical exercises for each student. Misunderstandings, for example regarding which instruments or materials to use in a certain phase of a restorative procedure, can be identified and rectified without delay. Proof of competence or learning of e.g. a specific procedure can be validated and documented. In the preclinical laboratory, reprocessing steps can be simulated or validated depending on the setup and equipment.

Asset management

Having the right instruments and materials in the right place at the right time is crucial at large hospitals as well as small clinics. Having knowledge of the exact location and status of each instrument, handpiece and material allows for efficient daily planning and long term budgeting. Locating misplaced instruments or balancing uneven inventory levels between rooms or departments is easy with the cloud based LM Dental Tracking System™. Personal accountability through RFID-identification of instrumentation reduces loss of assets.

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